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WOW31 Summer Splash

wow summer splash

On the 18th August 2012, about 100 Christian women came together for the inaugural WOW31 meeting. The event was named Summer Splash and all the women were encouraged to come in their brightest summer colors. And indeed it was a colorful event as the women came with excitement to worship God together and fellowship with other women of the same spirit.


562679_10151045201198031_1675975765_n2The volunteer team comprising Joanne Chua, Amanda Lee, Joyce Chiam, Rosa Lee came early that morning to set up the place for the meeting.

Joanne and Amanda looked after the registrations, food & beverage set-up and overall venue layout while Joyce worked hard at making sure the sound system was up and running. Rosa worked swiftly on the PowerPoint slides making sure every visual and slide was in order.

As the women came, with bright smiles and excitement, they enjoyed the simple breakfast that was provided and mingled around, making friends.

DSC_40751To open the meeting, Vivienne Leaw, a former flight attendant turned
Financial Planner played two beautiful harp assemble. Vivienne came back to God only a few years back and God had stirred in her heart to pursue music for His glory and we are sure glad she obeyed God. She sang her own composition titled “Let’s talk about us”, and that song brought many to tears. We felt the purity of God’s love for the women and heard the yearning of a woman for her Creator. Well-done Vivienne!

The presence continued to permeate though the praise and worship. There was such liberty when we praise God and we were overwhelmed by God’s love for us when the worship leader Keiza led us in the song “You are my King”.

DSC_4063It is indeed amazing that the King of Kings should die for you and me! Thank you Keiza and not forgetting Anastasia Teoh on the keyboard and Meng Ru on the guitar.

The Bible says in Psalms 1:1-3 ” Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful; but his delight is in the law of The Lord… and whatever he does shall prosper.”

We saw how this is so true when Anna Goh, Karista Lim and Joanne Chua shared how their relationship, marriage and ministry respectively took a turn when they drew wisdom from the sharing on WOW31 blog. Thank you ladies for having the courage to change so that you can see God’s works in your lives. We are inspired!


I believe that when we desire to obey the Word of God, we literally release the angelic host to work together with us. Our Father in Heaven has given to each of us angels to minister to us. And sometimes our angel may be in human form. It may be a sister in church, or a neighbor or a colleague as described so beautifully in the song “Angel by my side” performed by one of our WOW31 lady – Amanda Siew. Amanda is a flight attendant who sings beautifully. Her desire is one day to be a worship leader that will lead people into the presence of God.  We believe you will, Amanda!

As this is an inaugural meeting, I wanted to set the tone on what being the 21st century Proverbs 31 woman is all about and some of you wrote in asking for a copy of what was shared in the meeting. Please read all about it here.

113-copyAfter my sharing, I invited Bridget Tan, Founder and President of HOME (Humanitarian for Migration Economics) to share about her work in the community and region. She is an advocate for underprivileged women and children. And together as WOW31, we donated a sum of money to her organization to aid and support her in the good works they do.

The meeting ended with Jammie Wee and Ong Hwee Cheng leading us in an upbeat and meaningful song of Circle of Friends by Point of Grace. Indeed, in this circle of friends, we found God and each other.


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