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8 Dec 2012 – WOW31 Women’s Meeting Singapore



On a beautiful Saturday morning, 8 December 2012, 60 women gathered to fellowship with each other, worship the Lord, and hear the Word of God shared by Susan Dunn about True Freedom. This was followed by a time of prayer and ministry where Susan laid hands and prayed for the ladies.



A glorious atmosphere and presence of God filled the room as Anna Goh led the ladies in a vibrant praise session followed heartfelt worship onto God led by Joanne Chua with Li Meng Ru and Janelle Tan on the guitar and Jammie Wee and Lina Lim as the backup vocalists.



Susan also invited two WOW31 ladies up to share about the work they had started within their own social circles. One of them, Elisa Lo (left pic, lady on the right), was inspired by Susan’s teachings and encouragement, had started a prayer group for wives to come want to come together to pray and confess for the salvation and strengthening of their husbands. Elisa had also prepared her delicious handmade Indonesian snacks for the meeting that morning!

The other lady, Lilian Ong, (right pic, lady on the right) had also recently started a support group for mothers to come together to share their challenges and seek encouragement from fellow mothers. Her mother’s support group also recently organised a bazaar sale for mothers in the group to trade their pre-owned items and to also raise funds for the less fortunate in the community.


Truly, as Susan shared about how Mary Magdalene of the Bible lived a life of true freedom in Christ despite of her circumstances, and how every Christian woman can also experience the same freedom and liberty (read the article on the full message here), faith and hope began to fill the hearts of the attentive women in the room and God began to touch many of them. The highlight of the meeting was when Susan finished sharing and led the women in a time of worship. She laid hands and prayed and ministered to the women. The love of God permeated the room and many women were set free in His presence. It was indeed wonderful.



The meeting ended with the WOW31 women laying hands and praying for Susan! With Teresa Tan leading the prayer, we all wanted to bless her as much as she has been a blessing to all of us. We stretched forth our hands and proclaimed blessings upon Susan and the WOW31 ministry established through Derek Dunn Ministries. We know that God has entrusted her with much wisdom and riches and that the works of her hand in the church and the business realm would be fruitful and influential.

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