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A Life Transformed By His Love

casey-Lai-21I come from a family where girls were never a favorite anywhere in the house. I grew up feeling discriminated and never felt that I was not good enough as all the boys were always more valuable than I am.
Without the love and acceptance from certain family members, I was always drawn to people whom I thought could give me love and attention. And I found myself searching everywhere for anything or anyone that can fill the void in my heart. I ended up having boyfriend after boyfriend, going to parties after parties, changing from one religion to another religion solely to search for peace, love, acceptance and my own identity.All my relationships never worked out as I kept repeatedly getting hurt by men who only took my love for granted. I was so ashamed of my life and no confidence in myself.

One day, a friend of mine invited me to an airline church meeting called Aircrew Fellowship conducted by Susan Dunn. That day, my life took a 180 degrees turn. I experienced the love of God like never before. I remembered crying uncontrollably as the power of God’s love soaked me in His presence. I know there and then that my heart has found new life and love in God.

However, not long after that meeting, I found out that my then ex boyfriend had cheated on me for one whole year when I was with him. This marked the 3rd time that I was betrayed by someone I trusted. I could not take it any longer and broke down. I was totally devastated. I wanted to run away from this world for good. But God never gave up on me. Susan noticed me in church and asked how I was doing. Unable to fight the tears and sadness in my heart, I began to open up to her and told her all the struggles I was going through and how I felt that life was so unfair and cruel towards me.

She hugged me and comforted me in a loving and gentle way, like how a mother would comfort her child. Despite feeling so ashamed and hopeless, Susan saw hope and a bright future in my life. She took me under her wings and discipled me with God’s word and wisdom. Because I had so much respect for her, I obeyed God’s word as I listened and took every single advice that Susan gave me. She took time to counsel me, taught me the word of God, speaking favor and hope into my situation. Every single meeting with Susan was always so exciting and fruitful. Susan not only helped me through all my struggles, but she also guided me to find God’s purpose for my life.

As I spend time with Susan and observed her lifestyle, I was determined in my heart to become the woman that God has destined for me to be. Under Susan’s close discipleship, I have learnt to be a stronger person and build a character that is Christ-like. Susan taught me selflessly how to be a wise woman, a good wife, a grateful daughter, a successful businesswoman – just like the woman in Proverbs 31. She taught me the importance of being a virtuous wife and a confident lady again. What the devil has taken from me, I am receiving it back in full under God’s grace through the new life He gave.

I am now happily married to a wonderful man of God who loves me unconditionally and am living a beautiful life in Switzerland. My series of breakthroughs and blessings I received and experienced today could only be possible because God used someone like Susan to care for someone like me.

God loves me greatly and He gave me a new life and hope and He did not do it from a distance, He used Susan and many others around me to show me His grace, love and mercy.

Casey Lai

Airline Customer Relations (Zurich)



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