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Delay Is Not Denial

Susanna-NganAs I was growing up, I was a fan of popular Korean and Taiwanese drama serials. The common theme would often revolve around a girl in unfortunate circumstances meeting a guy of her dreams and this dream guy would provide for her and love her like a princess. And for many years, I too was hoping and praying for my dream guy to appear one day and “rescue” me and we would live together happily!

I would often ask Christian couples around me how do they know they have found the ‘ONE’. The most consistent answer is PRAY! And in our prayers, we must be very specific, be it in the spiritual or even the physical aspect, we need to list them down and bring them to our Heavenly Father. More importantly, we need to pray that we must be ready; spiritually, mentally and emotionally when the ‘ONE’ appears before us.

Throughout the years of praying and trying to prepare myself for a relationship, I was also at the edge of hitting the big ‘30’ in my life. I started to doubt if God ever heard my prayers. But God is good! He hears and remembers all my prayers.

In the beginning of 2010, I was invited to participate in a singles event organized by the church and there I met Alex, who is now my fiancé.

Initially, I was quite hesitant to meet up, especially with our busy schedules at work and ministry; it seems that there was no suitable time that both of us would be available. After 3 unsuccessful attempts to meet up, we finally met up.

It did not happen like the way dramas portrayed. There were no fireworks nor were there sparks of love at first sight, but our first meeting was comfortable and enjoyable. And more importantly, I sensed the peace in my heart. After our first meeting, we kept in contact and built our friendship through constant communication.

We soon realized that that we have a lot in common and we shared the same values toward God and Christian living principles. One thing that surprised the both of us was the fact that Alex and I have been serving in the same church for the past 14 years yet our paths have never crossed.

Though we have much in common and Alex fulfilled the criteria in my prayer list to God about my dream guy, I still had some uncertainties about this relationship. I was afraid to commit to a guy whom I barely know. But one morning, God woke me up from my slumber and spoke clearly to me. He told me to follow my heart and give this relationship a chance. This is the first time I was woken up by God and heard Him speak so clearly. With faith in my heart, I decided to bring this relationship to another level and I thank God for His divine intervention.

After we got together, there was once we had a disagreement and it left me doubting about this relationship. And once again, God showed up. This time, He woke up Alex and spoke to him. With this second experience with God, both of us are now more assured in this relationship. We are certain that God is in control and He has definitely prepared us for each other.

In a recent church service by Reverend A.R. Bernard, he shared a word about the seasons in life and explained that God needs to have a specific time for all things to line up for His work in our lives. And Alex and I began to reflect upon our past experiences and the different seasons in our lives, and we soon realized that the delay in our meeting up was not a denial by God but a period of preparation. We were neither available nor ready for each other and until the time is right in God’s sight, He brought us together.

Indeed there is time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens … and a time to love … (Ecc 3:1 & 8).

Today, I can testify that God is truly our matchmaker and He will always prepare the best for us.

Susanna Ngan
Business Development Manager

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