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God Makes All Things Beautiful In His Time

EvanSince young, I decided in my heart that I will only want to find one soul mate. I did not want to go from one relationship to another just to find the right man.  I made a vow to stay single and focused on my studies and serving God till I was 21 years old. My desire was to get married at the age of 25.

My 21st birthday celebration was extremely special. Not only did I fulfilled my vow to God, I felt that I was ready to date someone and that my dream to marry my Prince Charming will soon be a reality. I had it all planned out in my mind; there will be 3 years of dating and courtship and we will get married when I turned 25. But things did not go as I had planned because in 2002, when I was 23 years old, the Lord inspired me to go to Bible School and commit myself to two years of theological training.

After I graduated from Bible School in 2004, I got to know someone but the relationship did not work out. And when I turned 25, I was still celebrating my single-hood. I told God that even if I have missed the mark to get married, it would happen when I’m 28 years old. I had nothing, but FAITH.

Since then, my birthday wish every year was to get attached! But guess what? It did not happen like I had wished. I was still single at the age of 28. This was despite valiant efforts from my friends and church leaders to matchmake me. I told God that even if I had missed the mark to get married at age 28, it would happen when I am 30 years old. I continued to trust in God.

I told God that since I had waited for so many years, I only wanted the best from Him. I believed my Abba Father was preparing the person for me. I was looking for someone who truly loved me and loved God.

I started working as a full time staff in City Harvest Church in 2005. Pastor Derek Dunn was my Administration Executive Pastor and I got to know his wife, Susan Dunn. In the earlier part in 2009, Susan came in to the office more often and I had the opportunity to see and talk to her regularly.

She was concerned when she knew that I was still searching for my life partner. I vividly remembered Susan said she would keep me in her prayers. I knew she was sincere and I was touched by her gesture.

In July 2009, a group of Aircrew Fellowship members came to the church office for a mission trip briefing. Subsequently, I noticed this particular guy was coming to the church office very often to help out.  His name was Raymond Than.  Through Susan’s encouragement, we became friends and not long after, we started dating. He is a wonderful man who loves God and people.

Looking back, I remembered writing down 3 criteria that I desired to look for in my life partner – Godly Spirit, Gentle Spirit & Generous Spirit. And Raymond is exactly what I prayed to God for:

He proposed to me after we dated for about a year, and we will be getting married on 7 January 2012. Throughout my journey from single-hood to marriage, I have discovered that it is God who makes all things beautiful in His time.

No matter how long we may have waited or how far off we have missed the target we set for ourselves, we must never limit God and simply continue to trust Him in faith through prayer and He will come true for us!

Evangelyn Sim
Accounts Professional

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