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Having The Courage To Wait

Lina-Lim-223x300Being single, there is always a pressure from family & peers on getting hitched. At times, it causes me to become insecure and wonder if God will really provide a partner for me.
Susan Dunn came into my life at the point when I was disappointed with God in the area of relationship. But she taught me how to live with purpose as a single by imparting valuable truths to me.

Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” is a popular verse that many will claim and more so for the single. But I never really did fully understand what this verse means and how to live it out.

Not until Susan shared with me that, to delight myself in the Lord, it is to come to the place where God and God alone is enough for me and He is whom I live for. And to have a truly successful relationship or marriage, it starts with singlehood.

If I can be fulfilled as a single person, then when the relationship comes, it will be a blessing. And a lady in waiting is really a lady in preparation – preparing myself in every aspect for the groom here on earth but more importantly to prepare myself for the Groom Jesus who is to come.

These are truths that Susan has imparted to me and they have become the core values of my life. I started to rebuild my life in God and pursued God with all my heart and all my life. Now I am not afraid of waiting. One more moment of waiting is one more moment of preparation to make me a better person and to be the better half. To me, this is the grace of God and I am waiting happily. Relentlessly waiting for God to bring the right partner to me and not give up hope.

I believe that one day I will write my testimony on God being my wonderful match-maker. Meanwhile I moved on to fulfill the calling that God has given to me as a spiritual leader, inspiring people to live meaningfully for God just as Susan has inspired me.

Lina Lim
Sales Manager

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