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Christina Chua

Dear Susan,

I first met you in the Aircrew Fellowship, a Christian group that you spearheaded to reach out to the aircrew in the industry. During that time, I was struggling financially.

Due to my upbringing where money was always tight, I had the false sense of freedom once I started working, and spent beyond my means.

I racked up credit card bills that I could not clear. I was also bad at managing my relationships, and this added to my distress. I knew I have to overcome these personal issues, but despite being a Christian for many years, I did not know how to live victoriously.

One day, you asked me out for a drink and I began to share more about my life with you. From that moment on, I decided that I knew that God had provided me a mentor in you.

You would always listen intently to my struggles, and would offer wise counsel on how to overcome them. You often quoted examples from the Word of God and shared your experiences on how you applied the Word of God to your life which lead you to your breakthrough. You encouraged me to do the same and slowly I began to see breakthroughs in my issues.

To m, you are a woman who walks closely with God in faith and obedience. Despite your busy schedule and many commitments, you live a well-balanced life in all areas, and I inspire to do the same too.

Today, I am slowly getting out of debt by applying the right principles according to God’s Word, and I am happily engaged to a great man.

Thank you Susan for being an inspiration!
Christina Chua
Flight attendant


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