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Dawn Leong

Dear Susan,

Being a long-time Christian and having been around City Harvest Church for many years, I thought I had seen it all. But a few years ago, I had some problems with my leader and sought your counsel.

I remembered that you told me wisely that I could learn from every king of leadership, even though it is bad, and avoid the mistakes they made when I become a leader in future. I kept these words in my heart even till today. And this has helped me change my perspective from seeing myself as a victim of circumstances, to a person who can learn and grow from every challenge.

I have also benefitted tremendously from the women’s meetings you have organized. Your personal testimony on how you trusted God to bring the right man in the right season has encouraged me very much.

To me, you are a godly woman who relies on the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you, and your unwavering trust on the Word of God, has inspired many of us.
Your blissful marriage to Pastor Derek has been a model and inspiration to all single women. God is indeed faithful to those who trust in Him!

Thank you Susan for being the example!

Dawn Leong
HR Consultant

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