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Elida Yong

Dear Susan,

My life was a mess 6 years ago. I was in total darkness until God spotted me and knew I desperately needed Him. I started attending a traditional church. But deep in my heart, I felt a prompting to move on to another church. An old friend, who was attending City Harvest Church, came to mind. But the end of Sep 2005, I started attending CHC. During my first Sunday Service, I was introduced to you and you became my first Cell Group Leader in City Harvest Church Singapore.

You are truly an angel sent by God. Thank you for allowing God to use you to help me out of my darkest days. I will never forget that night when I had suicidal thoughts. God was merciful and gave me the courage to call you. Though it was just a short conversation, you spoke light into my darkness.

Thereafter, life was never the same for me. You never despised my weaknesses or for being young in the Lord. In fact, I was quite surprised when you made me one of the Connect-Group leaders in the Cell Group. .

You explained that she saw a willing heart in me, and that is all that is needed. Through your wisdom, humility and anointing of God upon your life, you never fail to renew my thinking.

You are always encouraging me, making me a bigger and better person. You have inspired me to be a God-made-woman so that God can use me in the same manner He is using you to influence and impact lives!

Love you always, Susan!

Elida Yong
Financial Services Consultant
Married, with one child

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