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Elisa Kaligis

Dear Susan,

For many years, I have been praying to God for a mentor to disciple and teach me in the marketplace. And God answered my prayers through you.

I could still clearly remember the day I met you in front of the office meeting room. During that time, I was feeling lost and desperate and needed a breakthrough.

The word you shared brought me back to my destiny. Your prayers encouraged me to rise up as a woman of God in the family, marketplace and ministry.  I felt so blessed by God as if I have found a precious jewel.

Every word you shared was refreshing to my soul and encouraging to my spirit. Just like you mentioned that it was not coincidence for us to meet in time like this, I am truly grateful to God and to you for this season of my life.

Truly I’ve seen the woman in Proverbs 31 manifested through your life.  May God’s grace be multiplied in your life as you bless and raise up more strong and godly women.

Thank you.
Elisa Kaligis
Assistant Financial Services Manager
Married, with 2 kids

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