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Guo Xiangcen

Dear Susan,

I am grateful to you for the support and encouragement you rendered to me during one of the darkest periods of my life.

I still remembered that you were back in the United States with Pastor Derek and the kids for your annual family visit when I could not hold on any longer and decided to pluck up the courage to call you. It was the most inconvenient thing to do. But I was desperate.

Initially, I thought I could handle the situation and challenges myself and did not want to bother or burden another person, but the relief and encouragement I felt after talking to you and acknowledging that I needed help made me glad that I took the first step to seek help.

In that few minutes of phone conversation, you were firm and yet gentle. You spoke clearly and it gave me the strength to set things right in my situation. Your counsel to me provided direction and encouragement.

Throughout the call, I could sense your love and concern for me. Despite being thousand of miles away, you kept in touch with me through text messages and emails to tide me through the difficult times, and when you returned from the States, you met me and I was able to share with you my feelings and thoughts in more details.

None of this would have been possible if not for the fact that throughout your ministry, your have sown many seeds of love, kindness and genuineness.

I have heard others share about how easy it was to open up their hears and share with you, and I have experienced that first hand. I have always enjoyed listening to you speak, whether it’s in the formal setting of a discipleship session or just through fellowship.

Your godly wisdom and firm beliefs never fail to inspire me to continue to love God and serve Him more. It is truly in these last 2 years that I know I’ve grown even more in the Lord.

Thank you Susan.

Guo Xiangcen
Civil Servant

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