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Lim Shiyun

Dear Susan,

To me, you are an epitome of grace, womanly strength, godly wisdom and faith. Your beauty resonates from within, not intimidating but inviting. The glory of God indeed shines through you!

You showed me that the strength of a woman is not in the sword she wields but in the nurturing of hearts and minds. Your wise words have greatly impacted my life. They come from a well of devoted prayer life, battles fought and won, and most of all, love.

Divinely, you were always there to speak a word in season when I was at the crossroads.

You showed me that faith in God and in his Word calls for total abandonment.

Thank you for a relentless and selfless fight of faith not only for yourself but also for the many generations after. I am honored to be part of your life, to serve the vision God has given to you.

Susan, I love you.

Lim Shiyun
Financial advisor

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