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Shirley Chow

Dear Susan

I really want to thank God for you because you are not just a friend who cares and loves but also a teacher and a mentor who corrects and teaches.

Life was a bad roller coaster ride for me and nothing seems to be going right. At the worst times of my life when my marriage was on the rocks, God sent you to comfort me, to hear me cry my heart out. You were there with me. You opened up my eyes to see hope and encouraged me to keep on keeping on when I felt I could not move on in life.

When I was stubborn, you would gently yet firmly rebuked me in love and corrected me just as how a good teacher would. Without you, my marriage would not be restored and I would not have such a beautiful family today. I really want to thank you, Susan, for always being there when I needed help most, not just once, twice but all the time.

You are such an amazing woman and you never fail to inspire life in me. I aspire to be just as wise as you are and to have a big heart like yours. No word can sufficiently express my gratitude towards you and may the Lord bless you greatly in every area of your life.

Thank you Susan! Sek and I love you!

Shirley Chow
IT Professional
Married, with three children


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