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Doris Wee

Dear Susan,

I have been very blessed to have you as my first cell group leader when I first joined City Harvest Church Singapore in 2000. As a very young believer, I did not know how to pray in the spirit or lead a spirit-filled life.

During that time, I was also facing a major crisis in my life and you were there for me, constantly praying and counseling me. You taught me how to lean on the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God, and I began to grow stronger and more spiritual each day.

Under your discipleship, I was often corrected by you and I am grateful for your teaching but there were times I was upset and angry that you were rather strict. But after thinking and praying through it, what you said brought about conviction in my life.

You also taught me that if by apologizing we can make a person happy then we should do it for the sake of God, and to show to people that we have a heart as big as Jesus.

The greatest words that you had imparted to me were, “I should not just live a good life, but a great life!”

I remember these words till today, especially when I am going through difficult times. I am certainly not giving up, and will seek to be a woman of faith, for the glory of God!

Thank you Susan!

Doris Wee
Health & Wellness
Married, with two children

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