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Entering A New Season And Finding My Purpose In Life

Susan-Vivienne-Leaw1-223x300In 2008, I received Christ and in that same year, I was invited to join the Aircrew Fellowship, a group that Susan Dunn spearheaded to reach out to the aircrew. I was asked to share my testimony on how and why I decided to follow Christ.

That was where I first met Susan.  Even though it was our first meeting, I have never met any woman quite like her before, her words spoke directly into my heart and I knew God’s anointing is upon her.
It has always been my prayer to leave the airline industry.  I kept praying and asking God when will I be able to quit.  But I received no answer from God.

As I have been working as a flight attendant for 13 years, I as quite reluctant to join the Aircrew Fellowship as I did not want to be associated with more cabin crew even when I am not working.
However I knew that God wanted me to faithfully attend this Fellowship group.  I obeyed and soon became one of the core members.  Through it, I had the opportunity to know Susan better.  I learn from Susan that it is possible for a woman to be successful in her career and ministry and also have a happy marriage and a balanced family life.

Not long after joining the Aircrew Fellowship, God began to speak to me to become a Financial Planner. It was a struggle to obey the Lord because becoming a Financial Planner was the last thing I wanted to do.

But I obeyed anyway and I knew that joining the right company and belonging to the right team is critical.  I began to pray to God to lead me to the right direction. As I was praying one afternoon, Susan’s face came to mind. I have never thought of joining Susan in this career.  She was also not an agency leader at that time. But I decided to obey God and contacted Susan.  We met the next week and soon found out that God has indeed called her to start her own agency. I was so amazed how God brings people and situations together! It was indeed a divine arrangement from the very beginning!

From passing my insurance exams to meeting my first client, Susan has been tirelessly in supporting me in this new career.  I am so privileged to be mentored by this amazing woman of God. Susan has never failed to inspire and encourage me to be the Proverbs 31 woman. It is such a great honor and privilege to pursue this great leader and knowing her has been the greatest blessing God has given me!

Vivien Leaw
Financial Planner

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